Sumopreneur - Market to 1 million people today!

Market to 1 Million people today!

Reach a bigger audience—hungry to buy your online course

Sales are the #1 challenge for creators all around the world.

What if there is someone at your disposal to take care of the sales?

...and reaching more entrepreneurs, marketers, and hustlers than you can ever imagine? Seems like a dream???—Well, not anymore!

AppSumo is the #1 marketplace to sell digital products.

It is a bustling, collaborative community where creators—like you, can launch and sell their best digital downloads, courses, and apps.

This is not all. Marketplace has generated $12M+ in revenue by self-listed partners...

...and receives 1M+ monthly site visits to

Ready to rock your online sales?


It is impossible to generate 10,000 unique redeem codes manually and developing bridge to connect appsumo with productdyno,it required a lot of time and money.


We have a solution for you “KuickSeller”. That connect your prodcyDyno to Appsumo and allow you to add unlimited product get 10k redeem codes for every single product in just few clicks.

AppSumo listing in 3 steps!

I assume you have access to a course platform and have a digital product to sell.

It could be a course, PDFs, Checklists, or membership.

Now, you are 80% ready to sell your product on AppSumo and 3 steps away to earn extra money.

Sign-up for AppSumo partner account—It's FREE.

Create the listing using text and images from your existing digital product / online course.

To enable customers to redeem your product, AppSumo requires you to upload a few thousand random & unique redeem codes and a registration URL for validation purposes.

Sounds simple? Wait!!!

Although the above steps seem simple, you will need to hire a developer to complete the job.

The registration page needs to be connected with online course platform using the APIs. Redeem codes would require validation as well.

This whole process is not only time consuming but would incur at least a few hundred bucks!

This is the exact problem faced by one of our good friends. While helping him, we realized there would be a lot of people looking for a similar solution.

It quickly sparked our interest, and our engineers designed a unique system that connects both AppSumo and Your Course Platform seamlessly.

Introducing the all new

Sumopreneur gives you a kickstart to sell on AppSumo. It is loaded with everything you need today to list your product on AppSumo.

A branded touch to your redemption page

Sumopreneur not only fulfils the primary requirement of the AppSumo—a redemption page but also allows you to customize it.

Make the redemption page your own by adding your logo, favicon and using your brand color.

Redeem codes on autopilot

Forget about the hassle of generating the AppSumo required to redeem codes manually.

The system does the job for you on autopilot. It can generate thousands of unique & random redeem codes in the correct downloadable format.

All redeem codes are stored in our centralized database to perform the validation on the redemption page.

Integration with course platforms natively

Sumopreneur provides integration with several course platforms natively.

Moreover, you can connect to almost any course platform using Zapier, Pabbly or Webhook.

Custom domains for your redeem pages

Use your preffered custom domain for your public facing redeem and thank you pages

Set deliverables to your listing

Your course or digital product can be delivered seamlessly to your customers

Centralized customer management

Easily search through the list of customers by their name, email or redeem codes

Automated redeem notifications

Be on top of the game... receive email notification for each redemption

Process refunds on autopilot

Robust mechanism handles access revoke for all refunds... no more manual cancellation

Hassle-free status management

No need to delete the listing... simply pause or activate as per your need

Automation with integrations

Flawlessly integrate to your course platforms & CRMs for automated product delivery and marketing automations...

Sell Unlimited Products
$99 Only

Can't find your platform? Connect with almost any course platform through Zapier, Pabbly, or Webhook...

Start selling your course on AppSumo today

Watch quick demo to see how easy it is...

Maximize Your Sales Potential Today! 👉

Tap into a Thriving Marketplace and Boost Your Profits


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Try it out for a month to make sure it's right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What integrations does Sumopreneur offer?

Sumopreneur provides native integration to major email services and course platforms. Moreover, you can connect to almost any service using Zapier or Pabbly.

Can I see who redeemed my product?

Sumopreneur provides easy management of all your customers and provides a list of who has redeemed the code.

What happens if all of my codes are redeemed?

You can generate as many codes as you want. You get unlimited codes with your purchase.

Is there any refund policy?

You get risk-free access. In addition, we offer 30 days, no question asked refund policy.

Can I use Sumopreneur to list on any other marketplace than AppSumo?

Yes, you can use Sumopreneur to list on other platforms as well, such as Pitchground, DealFuel, and many more...

What if a customer refunds the product after redeeming?

You can easily manage all the refunds simply by using Sumopreneur's refund management system. And the best part is that all the cancellations happens automatically... no manual work!

My question is not answered, what should I do?

No worries, contact us at or browse our support portal for how-to videos and articles. We are happy to assist you.